Free Q


Got a burning but general question you want to ask a UK accountant? Here’s a freeQ option!

There is no “Silly Question” restriction – if you want and need to ask, it’s perfectly valid! 

Answers will be sent to you confidentially. All answers are subject to the extent of my experience, and outside of any formal contract we may have. Allow me up to 3 days to get back to you, in case I don’t have secure internet access.

If I can’t answer it straightaway, I’ll tell you if so, or ask for clarification. I’ll also tell you if it’s outside my scope completely – I don’t intend to cover complex taxation affairs through FreeQ.

I won’t be able to go into detail without knowing all about your business, and that would be through a formal arrangement, but I will certainly answer any general queries.

Note: I also won’t be able to answer LOTS of questions from one person, at least not through this freeQ option. So please think about the most important thing you want to ask before typing 🙂


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