Good news on the VATMOSS issue


Remember the problems when VATMOSS was first introduced for digital goods – e.g. ebooks – and VAT had to be charged according to the customer’s country?

Many small independent e-bookstores closed, as it was too much administration cost and work, compared to the direct sales they made.

But now there’s Good News!

From the EU VAT Action Campaign Team

Just announced by Pierre Moscovici of the European Commission: proposed EU VAT threshold of €10k cross-border sales and the €100k simplifications we have all been campaigning for since December 2014.

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VATMOSS response – Five common misconceptions

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A lot of material has appeared online about the Mini One Stop Shop (MOSS) in the past few weeks – much of it misguided, writes Les Howard.

VATistockNew websites, blogs, and Facebook groups have sprung up, trying to cancel MOSS, defer its introduction, and help small businesses to mitigate its impact.

During December, HMRC actually relaxed some aspects of the new regime, apparently in response to the efforts of groups representing small businesses. But the actual content of the available material is decidedly patchy.

At the risk of attracting some criticism, I offer five misconceptions about MOSS that I have come across.

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VAT Action makes last ditch VAT MOSS plea

Q&Q comment:

VATMOSS affects the sale of digital products like E-BOOKS directly to customers in the EU. Please consider this legislation before making direct sales, and/or seek tax advice.


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Small businesses are meeting European Commission officials in Dublin today (7 September) to lobby for changes to the VAT rules on the supply of digital products in the European Union.

VATistockSince 1 January, businesses supplying broadcasting, telecommunications and digital services to consumers have to charge customers VAT at the rate of the country where the customer buys the service from, rather than where the supplier is under the previous rules.

The new rules hope to stop companies such as Amazon basing their European headquarters in countries such as Luxembourg where VAT rates are much lower than the UK. But small business groups argue that the rules are difficult and expensive to comply with and hinder online commerce.

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How the EU can prevent VATMOSS from killing indies

James Batchelor

By James Batchelor of

August 17th 2015 at 12:38PM

Rebellion’s co-founder Jason Kingsley discusses plans against the crippling legislation as his studio joins campaign for reform

UK developer Rebellion has joined a campaign calling for reform to a new law that co-founder Jason Kingsley says “kills small businesses before they start”.

At the beginning of the year, the EU introduced a new Digital VAT legislation designed to restrict large companies from exploiting the intricacies of tax laws across Europe, known as VATMOSS.

The law demands that businesses of any size that sell digital products online must pay VAT in any EU countries their product is purchased and at that country’s VAT rate. This applies even if the business itself is based outside of the EU.

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