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My name is Clare Mitchell. I’m a qualified Chartered Accountant and member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.

I’ve spent many years in both accountancy practice and in industry and commerce, always in a senior and/or managerial financial role. I’ve worked in audit, financial services, retail, printing, media and the funeral service. It’s been a wide and wonderful experience! I also have a practising certificate – which means I can offer my accounting services to other businesses – and I’ve spent many years looking after a small group of private clients.

And, I’m also a published author.

There aren’t many of us who like combining words with figures – yet I do, and I’m keen to offer that as a win-win arrangement with other authors. One of the most precious things an author can have is TIME – time to write, that is, not time to battle with royalty statements, deductible expenses and tax returns.

**Need help to keep a record of your royalties, especially if you have contracts with several publishers?
**Not sure what expenses you can claim?
**Not sure what documents are needed to work with US publishers?
**Not sure if or how VAT affects your book sales?
**Need help to pull a set of accounts together?
**Need help to complete your tax return?
**Need help to set up as a limited company rather than an individual?

If you want this help to come from someone who is fully qualified, confident and reliable, has dealt successfully with tax and statutory authorities for many years, and understands the business of writing and publishing, AND will charge reasonable and sensible prices… that’s me 🙂

Click on the pages above to see what services I offer, and how you can make a package of whichever and whatever you need.

And make full use if my FAQs. I’m always happy to receive suggestions for more!


UKPoundNOTE: At the moment, I only cover tax arrangements for authors who are UK residents.
This can include royalty income earned by a UK author from overseas e.g. from US publishers, but not UK income paid to a US resident author.


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