Dear Taxpayer…

dont-panicDon’t be alarmed or startled if you receive a message like this in your inbox this/last month! It’s from HMRC, and if you’re paying tax under Self Assessment, almost certainly about the fact that another tax year has passed and so you’ll need to file another, annual tax return.

Dear Tapayer

This is an example of HMRC’s intention of getting all taxpayers online. They’re reducing the number of letters they send out, and are replacing them with online messages. Because of the potential unreliability and lack of security with email correspondence, they will contact taxpayers in future through an online account only.

An online account is easy to set up, I’ll cover that soon in another post.

And if you do already have one, and get an alert like the above, check what it actually says as soon as you can.

“Be Legal, Be Smart, Be Brave!”


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