HMRC tax rebate – the clever new scam that looks legitimate

tax-rebate-faqsTexts are popping up on phones around the country, telling us to claim our tax rebate.

If you get one, you may think that it’s your lucky day.

But beware – although the text claims to come from HM Revenue and Customs , it’s actually from a shadowy fraudster.

And the link it provides is to a dodgy website designed to steal your personal information, such as your credit card details. HMRC shut down more than 14,000 such fake sites last year.

One reader who received a text told Mirror Money she got a text that was “definitely a scam”, but the website it directed her to looked scarily legitimate.

The fake website looks very realistic

An HMRC spokesman said: “We will never ask people to disclose personal information by responding to an email or text message.

“Last year HMRC closed more than 14,000 fake websites and we continue our efforts to work with law enforcement agencies around the world to bring down the criminals behind these scams.”

Action Fraud , the national scam-busting agency, has received hundreds of reports of fake emails from the taxman and PayPal promising similar rebates.

It believes the fraudsters are trying to take advantage of the change in the tax year.

How to spot a tax scam

Some internet browsers will warn you

If you’ve got an email that claims to be from HMRC, make sure it’s the real deal. A good way to start is by looking at what the taxman wants from you.

HMRC will NEVER ask you about the following in a text or email:

  • Your personal and financial information, including your bank details or full address
  • Specific facts about your tax return and financial status
  • An offer of a repayment or refund

HMRC will also never attach a document or send you links.

Some browsers will identify a fake website and warn you against entering it. If you spot a dodgy website, you can report it here .


From: Mirror Money / 14:34, 9 MAY 2016 /  JULIA RAMPEN


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