Quids and Quills

accountancy for authors



One of the most precious things an author can have is TIME – time to write, that is, not time to battle with royalty statements, deductible expenses and tax returns.

I wear two hats – I’m a UK qualified accountant and a published author of fiction. There aren’t many of us like combining words with figures – yet I do, and I’m keen to offer that as a win-win arrangement with other authors.

If you want this help to come from someone who is fully qualified, confident and reliable, has dealt successfully with tax and statutory authorities for many years, and understands the business of writing and publishing, AND will charge reasonable and sensible prices… that’s me!

Follow the links and find out whether I can help you with your path to a successful career.


star-palePlease feel free to contact me at any time for more details, and to outline any of your specific circumstances.




Got a burning but general question you want to ask a UK accountant?
Here’s a freeQ option!




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